Hi everyone! As I mentioned in my about me page, I am Co-Director of ICE Promotions for SIFE BCIT. ICE Promotions is an incorporated company for SIFE BCIT. ICE stands for Innovative Creative Effective Promotions and is a not-for-profit event marketing and promotions agency specializing in marketing towards the youth and young adults in Metro Vancouver. My main purpose is to generate money for the club through business contracts and events.

This blog was created for my Social Media Class at BCIT and will be about my journey in the position as Co-Director of ICE Promotions for the year and my ability to generate revenue for SIFE BCIT by thinking outside the box.

Job #1

Last Friday we threw the first bar party of the year on September 17th, 2010. The event was a success and we we’re able to raise over $2000 dollars for our club SIFE BCIT. We were pleased to get the date we did, as we competed last year with other clubs to raise money for BCIT’s Student Association. We generated the most money and got the first bar party of the year! Can’t wait for the next one, we have some great contacts and look forward to making it bigger and better!