With over 11 million fans, I think its save to say Red Bull is social

Red Bull is a fascinating brand that targets a younger market, particularly college students. They were an unknown brand but in about a decade they became to be well known and loved brand by using unconventional methods of mass marketing. One way they’ve been able to build their brand was by using the social networking site Facebook. Below the picture displays an incredibly entertaining and interactive Red Bull Facebook fan page. The page offers fun content for students like a procrastination station instead of offering boring information like, mission, vision, and a company description. Other fun content includes watching cool videos and playing games. Red bull has done an excellent job on tailoring to the target market’s needs and wants, so much so they have only 825,000 fans… no big deal.

Red Bull has has provided the opportunity for User Generated Content. All Facebook is a website that shows statistical information about Facebook fan pages. Below the picture displays my search for the Red Bull Facebook pages, and to my surprise I found a numerous amount like the “Red Bull gave me wings, lol jk im already prett fly” and the page was not created by Red Bull. Another example of UGC’s is after one million users became fans of their Facebook page they decided to give back to their loyal fans. To give back they created a nationwide scavenger hunt called the Red Bull Stash. They posted clues on the Facebook page, and users would post comments and photos of their adventure.

Another excellent platform Red Bull has used to increase its brand power is through YouTube. Take a look at two videos below, it speaks for itself.

“The biggest advertising stunt this professor has seen”

(Skip to the 45 second mark)

Red Bull Flowers
The folloing video is a creative branding project.

As you can see Red Bull’s social networking strategy is always changing in regards to how they interact with their users, however they always maintain a consistent brand image. Due to this, its easy to say that Red Bull has maintained projectability (they let consumers fill in the blank about what their brand means) and so far they’re doing a remarkable job at it.


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