How to get business contracts in 3 simple steps.

How to get contract work in 3 easy steps, watch this movie to start you off!

Step 1: How to get Contract Work?
Simple, you ask!

First you must find applicable firms to contact:
– Use search engines and local business directories

Research the firms:
– Determine if they’d be a good source of work.
– Then rank the firms on a scale of 1 to 5 based on how much you would like to work with them
– Research the firm like you would for a job interview, this way you are prepared when you go to meet with them.
– Next, find out who you should contact at each firm. If you can’t find the information on their website, give them a quick call.

Keep notes on your progress with each firm including:
– Who you contacted
– What was said
– The date and time of contact
– Any follow-up that is required

Step 2:
The initial contact through e-mail
The first contact is important because it’s the first impression they get of you and tells them what you are capable of. So this step looks at what should and shouldn’t be in an e-mail, and how to best structure your e-mail

The initial written contact

This e-mail is the “would you like to know more?” introduction; it’s a sales pitch, and textual representation of you.

Keep the reader in mind
You need to keep the reader in mind and understand what they will be looking for, answer the Who, What, When, and How’s. Here are some questions they would ask themselves:
– Who is e-mailing me and why?
– What skills do they have that we might find useful now or in the future?
– What relevant experience do they have?
– How good are they? What are their previous projects?
– How much do they expect to get paid? Never put this in the initial contact.

The Email Format
Keep it text-only, it keeps it personal. The HTML format is less likely to get read. Provide links to your previous work.

Test it!

Send it to someone else and yourself to make sure it works and to fill in anything that you missed.

Step 3: the follow-up Phone Call
Phone call can be unpredictable and there’s no exact blueprint for this type of call, it could go in any direction. Here are some tips to that can guide you.

The Purpose of the call:
1. Ask your contact if they got the e-mail – There are numerous times where they won’t have received because it didn’t get forwarded to the correct person or just got lost. So make sure you prepare to introduce yourself as you would have stated in the e-mail.
2. Arrange a face-to-face meeting

Some things to keep in mind during the phone call:
– Be polite and courteous
– It could take days or even weeks before you get to talk to the right person in the company
– Write down the names of each person you talk to
– Keep notes on what was said
– Keep it brief — the other person is likely to be busy
– Remember you are selling a business proposition, your purpose is to add value to the firm you contract for

Keep in Touch
Even if you don’t get work the first time you contact them, it’s important to keep in touch so when they do have work, you’re the first person they ask.

I hope this has made that initial contact a little easier, for a more tips about how to get contracts refer to this article. This blog has some additional business tips that I found very useful. After reading this blog I’m confident that I’ll be able to get some contract work. If you have any tips or suggestions, please let me know!

Thanks, Michelle


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