I’ve been in search of ways to be innovative, creative, and effective in my position as Co-director of ICE Promotions. This blog has been my way of finding inspiration and ideas. So far it has helped and I am currently in the works of making a business contract with a company called Recon Instruments, they’ve invented the world’s first GPS google and we look forward to working with them. But I am still searching for ways to better promote our company inorder to increase our business contracts and profits.

I came across this blog Tree Hugger it got my attention because it is something that has never been done before and is completely effective. Airparif an organization in charge of monitoring the air quality in Paris, they decided to transform a balloon in the city of Paris that changed colors to represent the current air quality. If the balloon was green the air quality was good, and if the balloon was red the air quality is very poor.

I dugg this article because it inspired me and validated that the sky’s the limit with how innovative and creative you can become.


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